A Certified Project Professional (CPP) is a fundamental contributor to any project team. They have been examined on at least 30 hours of project management study, and can apply project management knowledge in a wide variety of contexts, taking responsibility for their own work performance.

The CPP certification mark and post-nominals are accredited to explicitly defined international standards that we are regularly audited against. Our secure, hologram protected, bank-note quality certificates further prevent the fraudulent passing off of candidate awards.

The whole program was professional from start to the finish and the trainers were excellent in helping me to understand how to effectively use the learnings into my workplace.
Yahya Assiri, CPP


That depends on where you work…

In 2015, the median salary for a project manager in Australia was AU$139,037 per year – in the USA, it was US$108,000.

Interestingly, having even a basic certification or qualification in project management added around 20% to the value of of an individual’s salary.

The best country to work as a project manager is Switzerland (Australia is ranked #2, and the USA is #3), while the worst is Egypt. If you want to know what a project manager usually earns in your country, just ask us!

For a small fee, candidates can also be assessed in their native language. Please contact us directly for more info.
The CPP certification currently costs AU$500 to complete.

You can either pay online when you complete the enrolment form, or request an invoice (if, for example, you would like your employer to pay on your behalf).

CPP candidates are given every opportunity to prepare for exam success via the interactive Module quizzes and practice exam. These are available to enrolled candidates an unlimited number of times.

Candidates are therefore encouraged to not attempt the exam until they are thoroughly prepared and confident of success.

Candidates who fail achieve the 70% passing grade for the certification exam will be required to pay a resubmission fee of AU$250 for every subsequent attempt.

The CPP certification is the most rigorous knowledge-based certification in the world today. By taking a 21st century approach to learning and assessment, it also is the most durable and cost-effective option for early-career project managers looking to independently assure their value to current and potential employers.

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